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We have hired Jodi for a few projects and she has been excellent to work with. I first asked Jodi to be a guest speaker at one of the classes that I teach at The main focus of her presentation was on building an audience on Facebook. In her presentation she showed the students creative yet tried and true methods to increase the audience and engagement with pages on Facebook. We have also hired Jodi as a consultant for some of our clients. It is always a pleasure to meet with Jodi and discuss ideas. She has a broad wealth of knowledge in marketing and business that I value and appreciate. Thanks Jodi.

Jeff Nelson
Jeff NelsonCo-Founder at Mx3 Metrics

Jodi is a woman of many talents. During the time we worked together I was impressed with her ability to use research to aid her clients and her colleagues. She is also a talented graphic artist and writer. When Jodi worked for a competitor I was please to be able to network with a person of integrity. If she takes something on she makes it happen. Her work on “Hope for Joy” is a great example of what she can accomplish.

Bill Bergh
Bill BerghBusiness Development Manager at Anduro Marketing

Jodi is a professional dedicated to providing clear and detailed information, finding solutions that best suit client needs and creatively collaborating to achieve superior results. Her experience in the radio business is second to none and is only out shone by her personal touch and integrity in seeing a strategic plan through to fruition. I highly recommend Jodi as a service provider and colleague

Jennifer Maki
Jennifer MakiPresident & CVO, Chief Visionary Officer - Center of Yes!, Inc.- Founder, Project YES! Life

Working with Jodi has been a very rewarding experience. I enjoy the high level of competency and professionalism she displays as well as insightful patience in dealing with tough issues that may arise in the workplace environment.
I have been in the spa/wellness industry for 10 years now and cannot think of anyone more professional I’ve worked with in that time.

Mike Cayen
Mike CayenSoftTissue Rehab/ RMT and Reikimaster

Although I worked with Jodi for a short time, she consistently brought innovative ideas and excellent customer relationships to the table. She was able to quickly understand, digest and explain the latest trends in digital and traditional marketing, and leverage them into an advertising success. Her open mind and thirst for knowledge will make her an absolute asset in any capacity.

Ernest Barbaric
Ernest BarbaricDigital Marketer & Professional Speaker

Jodi earned my utmost respect with her integrity and her desire to truly serve her clients. She is highly intelligent and she attacks problems with common sense and sensitivity to the situations of the parties involved. Although we haven’t worked together for over two years we continue to keep in touch and I value her input on various projects. I consider Jodi to be a great asset to any team.

Shelley Goldbeck
Shelley GoldbeckThinker, Writer, Speaker


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