Winter Walking to Work #YYC

A couple of years ago I at Bell Media as their Digital Marketing Manager.  One afternoon in the early fall, a friend suggested we walk to work, “…good exercise…” she said.  “Sure,” I said, and then I ran a Google Map search only to realize our daily stroll would result in 4.5km each way, every day, twice a day through sun, rain, and snow. I hastily texted her back. “Have you lost your mind,” but she assured me that she was quite serious.

Walking to Work #YYC

Our first forced march across the downtown was in September, and I was obviously ill-prepared, wearing comfortable but ultimately uncomfortable after 9k, fashionably heeled boots, skirt, and blouse.  I learned my lesson quickly and showed up the next day in yoga pants, t-shirt, running shoes and a backpack.

As the weeks passed, the temperature dropped, and my walk to work wardrobe got serious. Down coat, layers upon layers of Under Armour worthy of climbing Mount Everest and boots that weighed a ton, but I was warm.  My friend, who coaxed me into this crazy venture, moved to a home office, and I found myself walking alone, contemplating life and admiring the Calgary landscape.  Each morning at 7:00 am, I trodded into the cold, crossed 17th Avenue, through the downtown, into Eau Claire,  blessed with sunrise, up the dreaded stairs, and into my office off Centre Street. Every evening I made the same hike, watching the sunset from one of the most beautiful vistas in all of Calgary, then across the park, through downtown, and finally home.  It was magical.

Every day was a new day, and thanks to my cell phone, I was able to photograph parts of Calgary that we never see from our car commute.  I came to enjoy the walks more than any other aspect of my day, through 30 below weather, heavy snow and the warm, windy days of an occasional chinook.

Now I work from a home office, and I have to say, what I miss most is my daily walk to work. If ever I am in a position to walk to work again, I welcome it.   If in a position to drive or walk, I most definitely would say, walk. Walk to work and take in the city as it truly is quite wonderful, and that walk might become the most meaningful part of your day.

Cheers – Jodi Morel

Below are a few photographs from my walk #ILoveYYC

Jodi Morel #ILoveYYC

Jodi Morel #ILoveYYC

1Jodi Morel #ILoveYYC

Jodi Morel #ILoveYYCJodi Morel #ILoveYYCJodi Morel #ILoveYYCJodi Morel #ILoveYYCJodi Morel #ILoveYYCJodi Morel #ILoveYYC