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An Axe to Grind with Dove

The recent Dove campaign is attracting a great deal of attention and for a good reason.  Quite frankly, it is brilliant, and I am among the thousands who shared this touching piece. When it appeared on my Facebook feed, I watched intently, and as the forensic artist revealed his contrasting drawings of women; one of […]

Social Media Tip #1 – Facebook Lists

Divide and allocate friends:    Many of us have added “friends” without setting lists or permissions, which grants open access to all posts, regardless of the relationship, and in the early days of Facebook, it wasn’t considered an issue.  However, as the use of Facebook has evolved, we have learned that not everyone wishes to, […]

Shop and Share.ca: Richelle Skrilec

Shop and Share.ca is the creation of Richelle Skrilec after years of experience raising funds for local school and sport programs. It occurred to Skrilec that there was an opportunity to create an ongoing fundraising platform; an online system that would benefit the shopper, the retailer, and local charities. In the summer of 2009, Shop […]

Why I believe in cause marketing

  I have worked in media for more than twenty years: first as a starving journalist, then as a print ad sales person, later as a graphic designer, flash designer then as a market research person and more recently as an account manager for radio advertising. I know numbers and I know how to buy […]