Social Media Tip #1 – Facebook Lists

Divide and allocate friends: 


Many of us have added “friends” without setting lists or permissions, which grants open access to all posts, regardless of the relationship, and in the early days of Facebook, it wasn’t considered an issue.  However, as the use of Facebook has evolved, we have learned that not everyone wishes to, or should have access to EVERYTHING we post.   For this reason, it is a good idea to create categories based on relationship or interest. To do this, click here – FACEBOOK LIST CREATION and click on “Create List” at the top right.

To edit existing lists (you will see these on this page) simply click on the list name.

There is also a new feature called “Smart Lists” which automatically update and allocate based on people’s posts.  This will save you time, and is very handy for those with a lot of friends or categories. Facebook will introduce you to this feature automatically as you attempt to edit a list.

The benefits of lists are that you can share information relative to one group, but perhaps too personal or not related to another. This is great way to share baby pictures with family for instance, while not inundating your friends or co-workers.  This also allows for greater security, especially for those who use Facebook to network. By creating a “networking” or “acquaintance” list, you can limit the posts to this group, thus retaining more personal information for family and friends.

Below is an example of my “lists” and what your page might look like, with blue arrows indicating where you add lists, or click to edit lists or organize friends under existing lists.


Finally, once the lists are created, you will now see the option of who to share with every time you post.  I have included my own screen image to show how it might look when you are posting on Facebook.  Note that your default setting may be changed in Facebook settings, which I will go over in greater detail on a future Social Media Tip.

Here is a list to the Facebook page with more information on creating and  managing lists

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